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Rockville Bench (a.k.a. Slickrock Swamp)

Important Information: The trails from the parking lot are marked for foot travel only.  It is best to ride the road until you see the rocks blocking the dirt road heading North.
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Rider - Eric
The parking lot is not on the side of highway 9 (Rockville Main St).  It is just up the hill on Anasazi Way.  You'll see it down a dirt road to your right at the first switchback.  We did not see any signs for foot traffic only at the start of the trail leading from the parking lot.  There was a sign half way up that short section of trail that was a foot print.  I assume it meant hiking only so we stayed on the road until you see 3-4 large rocks blocking a dirt road heading North.  Take this and look for a trail on your left 50-100 ft down the road.  We did not have time to ride all the trails here.  There is a shorter inner loop that you can see in black on the pdf at the bottom of the page. After you get off the paved road and on to the trail, it is really nice.  You do see a few houses in the subdivision, but overall it feels similar to the other trails in the area. There is some dirt, sand and slickrock. 
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If you are doing the loop counter clockwise like we did, you will find the intersection to the outer loop at the top of a short but steep climb (most will have to hike).  It is not well marked.  The inner loop is probably really good too.  All known trails are shown in the attached pdf at the bottom of this page.
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St. George, UT
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Rockville, UT
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N37° 9.672'
W113° 1.172'
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Rockville Bench
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Eric Meyer,
Dec 10, 2009, 8:26 AM
Eric Meyer,
Dec 10, 2009, 8:26 AM