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Bearclaw Poppy

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Trail Review(s)
Rider - Eric
This was a crowded tail on the weekend we hit it.  I do think it was a pretty good trail, but I would rather be away from the crowds.  The trail was heavily used and wide in most areas.  There were many branches of trails that lead to different routes off the hills.  There were some nice photo opportunities at many of these steeper drops.  There were even groups of riders shuttling the Bearclaw Poppy portion of this ride.  It seamed like a long shuttle for about 800 vertical.
Would you ride again?
Probably, but would like to explore the area before going back.
Any suggestions?
Don' bother with a shuttle here. The ride back up is not steep or really that long. If you find yourself out on the Stucki Springs Loop, look for a thin single track heading East Southeast.  This was a good thin trail that was fun.  It finishes really close to the top of the Bloomington Micro-loop and connection to the Bearclaw Poppy trail.

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06 of 10
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Trail Type
ST (wide)
Road Type
Dirt (Jeep)
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Free, Plenty
Free, Plenty

Trail Location
Regional City
St. George, UT
Closest City
St. George, UT
Start (Lat./Lon.)
N37° 5.413'
W113° 37.915'
End (Lat./Lon.)

Trails Ridden
Bearclaw Poppy
Stucki Springs
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Zen Trail

Eric Meyer,
Mar 20, 2010, 3:19 PM
Eric Meyer,
Mar 20, 2010, 3:19 PM