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Mt. Elden Trail System

This is probably the BEST overall map of the area.
I got it from a local on the trail.  It does not have all the trails (Prom Night & probably more), but it is better than we saw in any of the bike shops. This area looks to be be adding trails often.  Not all are "legal" but that is half the fun right?

Trails we rode (other maps, GPS data descriptions and more):
Mt Elden - Day 1

Schultz Creek, Orion Spring, Secret, Little Elden, Little Bear, Upper Brookbank, Prom Night, Lower Brookbank, Road, Upper Sunset, Hobbit Forest, Lower Sunset & back to Schultz Creek
Mt Elden - Night 1
Lower Moto, Fort Valley Trails & Schultz Creek
Mt Elden - Day 2
Dog Creek, Super Fly, Climb 3, Lower Sunset, Secret, Super Moto & Lower Moto
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Eric Meyer,
Oct 14, 2009, 10:54 AM