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We are thankful for the Rockville / Zion Area!

posted Dec 10, 2009, 7:07 AM by Eric Meyer
After hearing all the stories of Thanksgiving trips Krista's sister has taken, we decided to try our own.  Both trails we hit on our bikes were empty.  We did not see anyone on the Guacamole Trail and only one other mountain biker on the Rockville Bench Trails. We enjoyed both trails and will go back again soon.  Either trail can be fit into a day that you have other plans.  Neither trail has much vertical to climb and both are relatively short.  The Rockville Bench area you could spend more time at if you did multiple loops to hit all the trails. 

After a day on the bikes, we spent the next day in Zion National Park.  Krista had never been and she was determined to hike to Angles Landing.  This is a steep winding paved path for the lower half, but then it quickly becomes a narrow scramble along a ridge with serious exposure on both sides the rest of the way.  They have chains bolted into the rock in most areas to assist you.  We got up early and were about the 4th and 5th people to make it to the top.  On our way down, we were surprised to see hundreds of people on their way up.  Many looked like they had no business on the trail we just hiked.  I assume most of the people got to the end of the paved path and then turned around, but I know some people do keep going even though there are serious risks. We were on our way out of the park between 1-2:00 PM.  After returning home to Salt Lake City, we find out that an older lady (50+) slipped and fell to her death at around 2:00 PM that same day.  The view is nice from up there, but in my opinion it is not worth the risk. I told Krista on the way down that I would not be doing it again.